Hey guys, I’m not sure what to write here about myself but I’m going to just write what comes to mind. I hope it doesn’t sound to confusing while you’re going through this.

Well, obviously my name is Krissy. For those who know me or those who don’t, I am half Samoan and Filipino. I was born in Southern California and raised in Las Vegas. People know me for the happy girl, the super energetic girl, or the dancer (most of the time “the twerker”) I love life so much and my culture is what tops it off the most.

I have three brothers and one sister who I love so much even though I fight with my younger siblings a lot. I live with my parents… yes I’m in my twenties and living with my parents still… but it’s all about money efficiency. I am in college as a full time student studying Radiation Therapy Technology and I am also a workaholic. I’m SO good with time management. I’m just a timely person and I’m addicted to planning things, scheduling, and budgeting.

I dance tahitian, hula, and Samoan. I love dancing, it’s one of my passions. I am currently in a long distance relationship with a man I am deeply in love with whom I wish to marry one day. When he’s in town, people won’t see me for days because I’m always spending time with him since time together is so precious.

I don’t have much more to say. All I can say is the basis of my life is HAPPINESS. I strive for it and I work around it. So when something goes wrong or bad or I feel bad vibes, I try to just rid of or ignore whatever is negative to me.

Anyways, if you got through my about me, YAY YOU ROCK! Thank you for reading and I hope you keep up to date with my posts!

Oh and by the way… this blog is about my weight loss and fitness journey. I forgot to the mention that HAHA.

XOXO Krissy T.