Update! Results! Update! Results!

Hello my beautiful, wonderful readers. It’s Day 47 of my Fit Journey and March was a little rocky, if I do say so myself. I ran through multiple obstacles that had a huge emotional impact on me and how I function through my day to day activities. These past few weeks have been a roller coaster (but regardless, I made it through them – positive note). I went on vacation, had a family incident, emotional outbreaks, and became so busy with new motions I’ve decided to take.



In order to get the results you want, you have to keep striving and never give up. No matter what you go through (breakups, death, losing your job, flunking out of school or getting a bad grade on a test), you have to remember what made you start doing this in the first place and KEEP. ON. GOING! Even if you fall out for a day, two days, heck… even up to a week!… you HAVE to keep going. You’ll break into the habit of healthy eating and working out if you revert back to what you need to do after you’ve went back on it. It’s all a mental state to get up and do it. (Count 123 and JUST DO IT!)

Anyways… Here are my results for the first of this month! The key of comparison to my data is: Starting data… last month results… current month results.

  1. Basic measurements of my weight loss (before and after):
    • BMI: 47.2%…. 45.5%…. 45.5%
    • Lean mass: 157.4 pounds… 157.3 pounds…. 157.3 pounds
    • Weight: 297.0 pounds… 286.0 pounds…. 286.4 pounds
  2. Weight max (have not yet to update):
    • Bench Press: 115 pounds…. (have yet to record)
    • Squat: 205 pounds…. 225 pounds
    • Dead lift: 225 pounds…. 245 pounds
  3. Body measurements – in inches (before and after):
    • Bust: 50…. 50.5…. 49.5
    • Under-bust: 42.5…. 42.5…. 42.3
    • Waist: 44.5…. 44…. 44
    • Belly (Naval Area): 54.5…. 52…. 50
    • Hips: 54…. 53.5…. 53.5
    • Thighs: 32…. 32.5…. (L)33 (R)32
    • L. Bicep: 17.5…. 16.5…. 16.5
    • R. Bicep: 18…. 15.5…. 17
    • Neck: 17…. 16.5…. 16.3
    • Glutes: 53.5…. 53…. 53

My weight fluctuated frequently throughout the month. The first few weeks I gained half of my lost-weight back but was able to lose that weight slowly back to 285.0 pounds two days ago. Between two days ago and today, I gained 1.4 pounds. BMI and lean mass online calculators are not completely precise but they are somewhat close. My weight, BMI, and lean mass did not change since my last update but the numbers in between have, which I am more proud of than my own weight.

My squat and dead lift max’s went up 20 pounds (which I am SO personally proud of). My bust area, waist, and belly area has gotten smaller (YAY) as well as my neck. The measurements for my thighs and biceps are pretty confusing because I am not sure where exactly to measure them. I don’t really want to consider their measurements anymore because of how inaccurate it has been, but I’ll deal with it for now.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 1.48.40 AM

Overall, I have not been doing so well this month with my eating habits (because of all the emotional obstacles that have gotten in my way – but still, THAT’S NO EXCUSE!), but I have been doing AMAZING with working out and lifting. This last week, I started to run a bit. Overtime, my goal is to be able to run my laps nonstop and do cardio at least 30 minutes a day. March was great, but April will be even greater!

XOXO Krissy T.


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