Vacation weight – yikes!

This past weekend, March 2-5th, I visited my amazing boyfriend in Fresno CA. I had promised myself, to my family, and to him that I would keep on my diet streak and eat healthy… what happens while I’m out there? I FALL OFF MY DIET!

I couldn’t resist the delicious Chikfila Waffle Fries and Blaze Pizza down the street from the mall and I couldn’t keep away from the white rice at Tomo’s Japanese Restaurant! It was all calling to me. I felt guilty, very guilty in fact. But at the same time, my boyfriend told me I’m just having fun.

It seems like it was bad motivation but he made me feel good enough to step back onto my diet the minute I got back home to Vegas. During my time in Fresno, I had consumed more than 10,000 calories in all four days. My body felt sick, I was having chest pains like never before, and I just felt guilty overall.

How much weight did I gain?

I thought I was going to gain like 8-9 pounds back after my trip. I left Vegas weighing at 285.8 and when I got back, I weighed at 289.8 lbs. I managed to gain 4 whole pounds. It’s still not good but I was surprised that it wasn’t as much as I thought it was going to be. Today, March 8, I weight in at 287.4. In the past 2 days, I was able to lose 2.4 lbs! Go me! Lol.

I haven’t stepped back into the gym since I got back because all the junk food I had drained my energy and I’ve been lazy. But tonight, I’m going shopping for my foods so I’ll be going back to the gym tomorrow! Maybe even tonight.

What’s funny is the first week of my diet was the easiest week to shed off my weight but now my progress is slowing down and it’s getting harder to lose more weight as I want. I’m going to be setting up weekly goals for myself on how much weight I want to lose and what to do to push myself harder when I’m working out at home or at the gym. Thank you for reading!


XOXO Krissy T.


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