March 1, 2017 – Day 17

Results! Results! Results!

It’s been two weeks and 3 days later and at times I feel like I’m seeing results but at the same time, I just feel so good that I’m even more confident then before. I’m just feeling myself where ever I go so. And I love it when people ask me questions on what I eat, what I do, and so on because I get to share my knowledge with everyone!

So, with it being the first of the month, I wanted to measure myself and update my results. Here I go!

  1. Basic measurements of my weight loss (before and after):
    • BMI: 47.2%…. 45.5%
    • Lean mass: 157.4 pounds… 157.3 pounds
    • Weight: 297.0 pounds… 286.0 pounds
  2. Weight max (have not yet to update):
    • Bench Press: 115 pounds
    • Squat: 205 pounds
    • Dead lift: 225 pounds
  3. Body measurements – in inches (before and after):
    • Bust: 50…. 50.5
    • Under-bust: 42.5…. 42.5
    • Waist: 44.5…. 44
    • Belly (Naval Area): 54.5…. 52
    • Hips: 54…. 53.5
    • Thighs: 32…. 32.5
    • L. Bicep: 17.5…. 16.5
    • R. Bicep: 18…. 15.5
    • Neck: 17…. 16.5
    • Glutes: 53.5…. 53

My body measurements may not be as accurate seeing measuring myself is difficult to get a precise number, but this is pretty much what I came up with when I updated my own results.

As you can see, I’ve lost 11 pounds so far so that averages out to about 4 pounds a week that I have lost. I’ve lost fat in my waist, belly, hip, neck, and gluteus area and I think I made a mistake measuring my biceps, but I’ll recheck it when I get the chance.

Honestly, I have no coordinated any cardio into my fitness changes. Sometimes I’ll go walking but I never run or get my heart rate up due to cardio unless I’m lifting (which my heart rate blasts when I lift). I have maintained working out at LEAST 3 times a week. My first week, I had one cheat day and last week I technically had two cheat days. And although I had my cheat days, I still ate under my calorie required intake (which was about 2,262 calories), so even if I didn’t work out or keep my body in ketoses, I lost 1-2 pounds during those times.

It’s been so far on this new fitness journey especially since me and my brother, Freddy, have been doing it together. He’s been helping means guiding me through this along with my boyfriend, Sterling, who has been feeding me knowledge about working out. They really are true blessings during this process and very VERY supportive in me.

Thank you for reading! And if you have any questions, contact me on my main page! 😉

XOXO Krissy T.


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