February 13, 2017 – DAY 1 AND GOALS

This was the first day of my weight loss journey. I want to keep up to date on how much I lose and where my gains are just so I (and the public eye) can hold me accountable to whether or not I fall off on my own fitness strive or keep on progressing.

From this day forward, I have been counting my macros and calories. I’ve been limiting myself to at least 2,324 calories a day. That amount of calories, with my height and with how much I weigh, allows me to lose up to 2 pounds a week. I have been trying to eat as much protein in grams as much as my lean mass in pounds for muscle growth. When it comes to Carbohydrate and Sugar consumption, I keep it under 60 grams total for both daily… that way I can keep my body under ketoses (which will help me lose weight faster).

I’m trying to workout 6 days a week and give myself a rest day (off of exercise, not off of calorie counting or ketoses). Typically, my schedule is Leg Day on Tuesday, Chest/Bench/Tricep day on Thursday, and Back Day on Saturdays. I use Sunday as my rest day. My boyfriend also made me a workout plan so I incorporate it with my basic lifting days. I’m going to be doing calisthenics on Monday and Friday and Shoulder Day on Wednesday. To clean it up a bit, here is my weekly schedule:

  • Monday – Ab Day (Calisthenics)
  • Tuesday – Leg Day
  • Wednesday – Shoulder Day
  • Thursday – Chest Day
  • Friday – Arm Day
  • Saturday – Back Day
  • Sunday – Rest Day

I’ve been lifting longer than I have been eating good, but Feb 13 is the official day that I started to incorporate good eating habits and working out. I recorded different areas that I want to progress on, and these are my starting points…

  1. Basic measurements of my weight loss:
    • BMI: 47.2%
    • Lean mass: 157.4 pounds
    • Weight: 297.0 pounds
  2. Weight max:
    • Bench Press: 115 pounds
    • Squat: 205 pounds
    • Dead lift: 225 pounds
  3. Body measurements – in inches (taken from Jan 1, 2017):
    • Bust: 50
    • Under-bust: 42.5
    • Waist: 44.5
    • Belly (Naval Area): 54.5
    • Hips: 54
    • Thighs: 32
    • L. Bicep: 17.5
    • R. Bicep: 18
    • Neck: 17
    • Glutes: 53.5

I wasn’t too impressed with my maximum weight lifts but by the end of the year (or by January 1, 2018), my goal is to go up 50 pounds maxing out on each lift. I don’t have much of a goal weight because I want to gain a lot of muscle, so I’m hoping to lose weight but still be thick because of the muscle I gain… especially in my thighs and glutes. I want most of my muscles to be there and in my arms.

Overall, this is my fitness journey and hopefully I stick to it to where I am able to freely know what to eat without overthinking about it and can work out easily without it being a problem mentally! Thank you for reading –

XOXO – Krissy T.


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